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Freelance TV Lighting Director and Trainer

Digital photographer [AFIAP]

Last updated March 20th 2014

Mike Baker
Hi, I'm Mike Baker, and this  is my website.  Bakerlite is my trading name as a Digital photographer, but also as a Freelance TV Lighting Director and trainer.

I live in Aberthin near Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan which is near Cardiff in South Wales, in the U.K. 


Important Announcement

My web site is coming to the end of its life in its present form; it has been a fascinating way of making contact via my hobby of photography but times have changed, numbers of visitors to my site are dwindling so I guess it's time to call it a day. Other ways of keeping in touch have come along and the number of excellent websites that make mine look distinctly old fashioned is another way of realising that it is time to either make an exit from the world stage or start all over again.

I am actually thinking of rebuilding it using 'Weebly' on line software rather than Microsoft Front Page.

I am grateful to my son Richard for a) giving me the software all those years ago which enabled me to build it in the first place and b) for funding the site fees and providing me with the expert backup that I needed from time to time.

I am grateful to all those of you out in www land for not only visiting my site and browsing through the enormous number of pages that have built up during the web sites life. Many of you have enhanced my life by giving me friendship that crosses the oceans, I will miss that.

I have had e-mails from all over the world about all manner of things, some of them moving and all of them welcome at a time when the Web comes in for a lot of criticism. I will treasure them when the site closes down in its present form which will be sometime this year.

In the meantime should you wish to contact me; see below.



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Here you will find my C.V., career history, details of my  involvement in TV lighting training as well as illustrated articles of assignments abroad that I have written for the  Society of Television Lighting Directors quarterly journal.
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Feedback Photo album The Middle East Freelance Family and home 2011