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Laugharne is my favourite place in South (west) Wales where for an hour or two, the clock is turned back a few decades. It is charming, pretty and atmospheric as well as being quaint and quintessentially the home of one Dylan Thomas, poet and writer of that Parish.


Latest comments are at the top of the table below.
Dear Mike.
Enjoyed looking at your site and reading and looking at your photos on Laugharne. We are researching our ancestry at the moment and find that our name  Hitchings goes back to Laugharne over a long period of time. They lived near the Browns pub and I notice that one of your subscribers to Laugharne on your website lived in this pub. His name is Chris Williams. It would be really interesting if we could contact him If it would be possible to forward his email ? My parents were frequent visitors to the Browns pub and met Dylan Thomas there regularly. Also I would be pleased to hear from anyone that have associations with Laugharne particularly around the 1880s
Kind regards
John Hitchings
Hello Mike,
I love your web site as I have been to Largharne and fell in love with it. My G.G.G.Grandmother Charlotte Perrot lived in Roche Castle as a child and emigrated to the U.S. after her husband William Adams died. Charlotte was born Aug. 11, 1805 to Thomas Perrot and Anne Rogers. I knew nothing more about Charlotte until I went to the book store in Laugharne and he had a lot on the family history and pointed to the castle saying that she was related to that Perrot. I would love to prove that connection.
Marilyn Allen
Chesterton, In. USA
Just wanted to say 'hi' and love your pictures of Laugharne.  I a also in contact with Keith Bowen who left a message!
I've not lived in Laugharne but my mother's family all came from there - going back hundreds of years - they were Harrys, and also had one Jane Perrott marrying into the family.  The Perrots lived at Roche Castle and may have been related to the Sir John Perrot after whom the hill by the estuary is named - Sir John's Hill (that is the hill on the left of the painting which is on your Laugharne page).  Sorry I can't help with the houses painted as I 've not been there for a few years.
Been looking through Laugharne stuff quite a bit lately as I'm compiling my family tree.
Ruth Roberts

I hope I can help with the identification of the houses in the picture.
The picture was taken from The Strand looking onto The Grist and houses on Fountain Row, with Fern Hill in the background (not Sir John's Hill).
From l-r the first two houses are still standing, house 3 burnt down and was rebuilt on a bank as a bungalow, house 4 was a ruin in the 1930's but was rebuilt and is now Castle View Chip Shop, building 6 is the Fountain Inn (home of Laugharne RFC), and the red stone building is The Mill, of which the ground floor is the Spar shop.
The wall on the left hand side of the picture is adjacent to The Cross House Inn, and the stream on the left hand side has been covered over by a footpath.
I hope this helps,
Felicity Boyce
Hi mike found your site by accident so glad I did. I have visited laugharne twice now as I am doing my family tree. My fathers side came from there and llanadurnen. The reason for this email is I came across a lady leaving a message that she had family there in 1881 I have checked this out and we are related is there anyway I can get her contact details through your site. Her name was sue hullock Australia. Many thanks for reading this email  Joanne
Hello Mike,
I have today seen a painting, done by a friend of mine, of houses in Laugharne, which has been drawn from a B & W photograph taken in about 1900. The houses are adjacent to a dock. The colours are from imagination as are some parts of the painting background, etc. Do the houses still exist?
Terry Gale
Hello  I just came upon your site and was so interested as my father was born in Laugharne in 1899- I have visited there and fell in love with it. His name was David John Thomas and they lived in Kingaddle Farm-is it still there I wonder? I also remember Aunts living at  Dragon Park?
Enid Masters
Dear Mike- late at night in Australia surfing the net I discovered your website on Laugharne. Particularly nostalgic for me as I was born in the Browns .I suspect I am the only living person to have that claim to fame!!
Chris Williams
Hi Mike
I have just discovered from the 1881 census that my great grandfather William Thomas farmed Longridge Farm in Laugharne. According to the census it was 180 acres and employed three labourers.  I wondered if the farm was still in existance or if any of the family still lived in the area.?  I know they had 8 children in 1881. My grandfather John Henry Thomas left South Wales and settled in Northamptonshire . I have been told that the family bred pit ponies because some of them were exported to Australia to work in the mines there.
Sue Hullock
Wondai, Queensland Australia


Hi Mike,

Congratulations on an excellent site. I have to agree with you about Laugharne, it's a delightful place and I'm envious of my ancestors, quite a few of whom were born and lived there. One in particular, David Bowen and his wife Amelia (and 9 children) ran a pub in Gosport Street, I think in the 1880's and 1890's (I think it may have been the Corporation Arms Hotel, now renamed the Boat House Inn, well at least I think that was the pub since I've not found any others in Gosport Street.)

One of their sons Robert Bowen was a butcher in Laugharne and after his young wife and very young child died (they're buried at St Martins Church), he became a cattle dealer but lived in Wogan Street with his mother in law at a pub there, whose name I don't have. I suspect he was mainly running the place and working as a cattle dealer from time to time. Sad to think that most of my clan, apart from Robert, later left for Llanelli (tinplate works mainly) but that's a very familiar story I guess.

There is one query I'd like to put to you, at the moment I'm deciphering a document from the 1890's and a name has cropped up associated with Laugharne and I just wonder if you've got any ideas on it. The word is Solan, well at least I think that's what the handwriting states. The person living there was a farmer so I'm assuming it's a farm but I've so far failed to find any reference to it in Laugharne either on new or old maps. Perhaps it's long since disappeared.

Continued good luck with the site.

Keith Bowen
Hello Mike I was interested in your site ......I have never been to Laugharne but are interested in a visit soon. I have married into the Thomas family (Helen Marnier ,grandmother was Caitlin's sister) She has regaled me with boathouse stories from when she was a child and used to spend the summers there scaring the tourists, so she says? Alan
Hi Mike, I just wanted to say how great your site is. I am the son of a Welsh mother who's mother was born in Laugharne. I will be visiting Laugharne again myself in either August or September as I want to locate my Grandmothers house in Station Cottages. I will also be going to Newcastle Emlyn as that is where my own mother was born and the owners are going to let me look at her birthplace in the gatehouse to a mansion. I am looking forward to that although the place is very run down now. Anyway I always wanted to end my days amongst the greatest people in the world but a ex wife & a new wife put an end to that. If any of your viewers are related to my grandmother Mary Jane Thomas or would like to get in touch with me I have no objection to receiving emails.
Colin Parker


Laugharne-1.jpg (23659 bytes) Tumbling clouds, wheeling gulls... You see, the scenery has a poetic effect on you! Laugharne-2.jpg (27511 bytes) Just turning around, and this was the strange accompaniment to my walk along the water front. Not going too far too fast, so I guess it'll still be there when you visit Laugharne.
Turn around again, and this is the splendid view looking back towards the town.


Laugharne-3.jpg (29289 bytes) A little to the right, lies the wooded promontory where Dylan's famous Boat House stands by the waterside.


Laugharne-4.jpg (22926 bytes)
Laugharne-5.jpg (37333 bytes) Walk back towards the lower part of the town taking in the eclectic buildings that give Laugharne such character Laugharne-6.jpg (73846 bytes) Laugharne-18.jpg (62925 bytes)
An alternative view of the castle


Laugharne-7.jpg (57124 bytes) Laugharne-8.jpg (32983 bytes) It's 9.30 a.m, but there is no rush hour, this is a sleepy corner of Wales, and all the better for that.

More Laugharne Pics


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