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Round and about Cowbridge

First, a couple of shots up and down the high street. Here, I'm looking towards the Cardiff end of the street. The offices of the Cowbridge Gem are on the left. high-street-3.jpg (62476 bytes)

Turn around and look westwards towards the town centre.

In a recent TV programme, Cowbridge was described as the 'Bond Street' of Wales!


high-street-4.jpg (71957 bytes)
town-hall.jpg (114374 bytes) The town Hall right in the centre of town seen from the entrance to Hurran's Garden Centre.

The war memorial is in front.

High-St-2.jpg (132641 bytes) Looking west towards the Bear Hotel with the Town Hall on the right.
Yeoman's Greengrocers at the end of Penny Lane


penny-lane-2.jpg (100563 bytes) If you peer over the bridge parapet you will usually see some ducks.


ducks.jpg (97522 bytes)
tower+tree.jpg (88583 bytes) This is a rare viewpoint of the tower of Holy Cross seen from the same viewpoint. It's rare because until recently a garage and filling station were in the way. Now some (rather attractive) houses are built on the site. Holy-Cross.jpg (33460 bytes) Holy Cross Church seen on a summers day seen from the church grounds off Church Street. 

Continue down Church Street, into Town Mill Road...


...and through South Gate, the only remaining gate to the town. There were originally thought to be three complete gates such as this. 

The old Grammar School, now being completely renovated, can be seen on the other side.


West-Gate.jpg (22991 bytes)
Bear-and-Bank.jpg (22994 bytes) Opposite the Bear Hotel, looking towards the town centre. Farthings.jpg (24801 bytes) Farthings is a popular Wine Bar/Restaurant/Coffee House opposite the Bear Hotel.

Leave the High Street by the corner of Arthur Johns (Ironmongers and kitchenware), and through the arch you come into this passage....


beehive.jpg (17864 bytes) ...which leads down the steps into Verity Court.


Verity-Court.jpg (26255 bytes)
oxfam.jpg (136223 bytes)

Within the old Wool Barn buildings around the court are a cluster of small units which might be called the creative heart of Cowbridge. Here, for instance, is Luke, who used to specialise in restoring antique furniture.

Sadly, he passed away some years ago.

Adam has now taken over the business. No picture yet!

Wedding cakes are a speciality in the unit just opposite Luke's workshop.

There is also a flourishing Oxfam shop.


Luke.jpg (47257 bytes)

Upstairs, Sue Mc Donagh is a well known artist who lives in the Vale and has a studio here. 

Sue-McD.jpg (60713 bytes)  


And here is Simon Leadbitter, official bike supplier to myself and my family for at least 18 years!


Simon.jpg (29408 bytes) simon+bike.jpg (20813 bytes)

there's a bike for every size of customer.


cart.jpg (76257 bytes)

This magnificent floral display sits most of the summer on the way through to Verity Court In autumn, the view back from Simon's shop towards the high street is rich with colour..


Verity-Court-2.jpg (55999 bytes)
Back to the high street, cross over and just on the south side of the town, are the old Hall gardens, now home to the Health Centre and the Library.


Old-hall.jpg (25912 bytes) The Health centre on the left, Library on the right. Old-hall-2.jpg (22253 bytes)

Old-hall-4.jpg (61285 bytes)

The remains of the Old Hall stand at the rear of this shot. Old-hall-5.jpg (58165 bytes) and the reverse shot shows the window outline.
Between the gardens and the road, a shaded court.


Old-hall-3.jpg (22242 bytes) The High Street never fails to amaze me, here is the tumble down gable end of a building that has been like this for years.


high-street-1.jpg (17506 bytes)
Leisure-Centre.jpg (24348 bytes) And there's an excellent Leisure Centre, but sadly, no pool plaque.jpg (30780 bytes) On a wall at the start of Bear Lane.

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