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Just about every BBC engineer or operator will have spent some time at the BBC training centre at Wood Norton, near Evesham in Worcestershire. I have spent some two years of my career on various courses training me to the n'th degree.

My favourite was a 'Sound-Television Conversion Course'!

All a long time ago for me now as retired staff. However, I hope to build up some pictures of some of the people and things that will bring back memories of that historic academy of BBC learning together with some of the fun that was had out of hours. Please feel free to send me your personal memories and I will put them up to share with the e-world.

Thanks to my friend Roger Wilmut for providing some of the pictures here.

There is a fascinating account of Wood Norton in the years leading up to and during the second world war at: roger.beckwith.btinternet.co.uk/bh/misc/lg2.htm


The Control Room circa 1962. The year that I joined the BBC. My first course at 'Woody' was the following spring: T.O. course 15. Note the collar and tie, training was formal in those days. Sports jackets and cavalry twill trousers!

Hands on the controls, boys.

More pictures to come as and when I receive them.  


There was also a social side to ones visitations to Evesham. Often at the BBC Club

Curiously, I still end up at Wood Norton at the time of writing: 2010. Now, I am there as an elderly Guru helping younger people with all the knowledge that I have acquired in the last 40 odd years.



ETD-1.jpg (28799 bytes) Whilst being trained by the Beeb at Evesham, there was always time for some fun. Michael is here attired as a D.J. at the BBC Club in Evesham where we worked off our frustrations on the dance floor: pre drum and bass. This, surprisingly, was an Arabian night. ETD-2.jpg (27611 bytes) Just who do you think you are talking too?

Sadly, I can only remember my own name and that of Major B.D. Oldman on my left. He had to put up with a lot from us trainees, especially as he had to share the same building as us back at 'the camp'.


ETD-3.jpg (28545 bytes)

Is this 'Good morning Vietnaaaaam' or what?

Me with black hair and a Reslo ribbon mike.


ETD-4.jpg (19789 bytes)