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Wycoller, Lancashire

When you walk along the road to Wycoller from Winewall, you are gradually removed from the harsh reality of North East Lancashire and walk into the land of the Bronte family. It is mysterious, atmospheric, sometimes scary but always a place which communicates with your inner self. Well, it does for me, anyway!

Firstly, some B & W pics from the '60's

I have found some more pictures of Wycoller which I am currently scanning into my computer. They will appear below in due course.


Great web site Mike. Especially liked the monochrome pics of Wycoller.
I travelled through there many years ago and was fascinated by the strange keyhole shaped aperture next to the fireplace.
I wonder if you or any "browsers" could explain its purpose?
Much obliged, keep up the good work.
Hello Mike
I lived in Wycoller for about 20years. Firstly at Copy House which is on the hillside towards Raven Rock farm. Then in 1984 moved to Wycoller Cottage which is the one directly opposite the pack horse bridge. We stayed there until 1999. I used to sell tea etc in the garden in summer, and also plants from the garden, and also run a B&B business. It was a lovely place to live, but we decided to move to something a bit smaller and a much easier garden than the 1/3 acre on a hill that we had.
Wycoller Cottage was built prior to 1640 and was a superb house with plenty of character. It was very large having 5bedrooms,3 bathrooms, and a lounge of about 24 sq ft.
Margaret Houlker


wycoller-snow.jpg (95516 bytes) I love snow scenes taken on monochrome film, this also in Wycoller. wycoller1.jpg (53277 bytes) Wycoller, a village of many bridges across the 'beck' which eventually flows into the Ribble via Colne Water.
wycoller-snow2.jpg (67811 bytes) The old packhorse bridge which was the main trade route between Lancashire and Yorkshire in the early days of home weaving. wycoller-snow3.jpg (88075 bytes) Another view of the packhorse bridge.
wycoller-snow4.jpg (55774 bytes) Wycoller Hall on the left. Said to be the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Jane Eyre. After all, the Bronte country is but a stones throw away! trawden1.jpg (54522 bytes)  
wycoller-5.jpg (57113 bytes)

This is the only road connecting Wycoller with the outside world nowadays. There are many paths and tracks to be explored, however.


Pack-horse-bridge.jpg (54879 bytes) The Packhorse Bridge with the Clapper Bridge in the background. Photographed in winter in the 1960's.

(David Gott)


wycoller3.jpg (24651 bytes) The packhorse bridge seen from the other side. It linked the weavers of Lancashire with the wool merchants of Yorkshire in the long trail made by tradesmen between the two counties. wycoller4.jpg (30409 bytes) ...and from the same point as above in 2000

The stone slabs of the bridge worn down by hooves and feet alike over the last 250 years.

packhorse-bridge-1.jpg (34530 bytes) hall-1.jpg (53484 bytes) A path leads into the Hall.
wycollertree.jpg (33588 bytes) As you approach Wycoller, whether by road or footpath, you can't help but notice the wild silhouettes of the weather-beaten trees against the sky. wycollermoss.jpg (40227 bytes) Mossy walls are a reminder of the high rainfall of this part of Lancashire.

As a child, I remember the occupants of this building used to sell bottles of 'pop' and ice cream in summer.

wycollerhouse.jpg (24046 bytes) wycoller2.jpg (34473 bytes) This is the ford through the 'beck', a tributary of the River Colne.

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