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I was sold by Mum and Dad to make images of child abuse

Discuss this with your kids.

  • I quickly pulled it out and looked around to make sure nobody saw it, but the entire football team was laughing hysterically! This is performed by a gynecologist.

  • I told myself that my parents meant well, that what I was going through was what was necessary to help my family.

  • Thus, a 16-year-old boy violates the Act if he asks his 16-year-old girlfriend to send him a semi-naked picture.

Teen Girls' Most Embarrassing Stories

I didn't realize I had my period, and as I stood at the top, I heard someone holler, 'Hey, Maria.

  • The photo conversation is a great time to talk about healthy sexual behaviors, personal values, and abstinence or protection with your teen.

  • Because of their age, a vast majority of sexting teenagers attend school.

  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse was incorrectly thought to be proof of an unbroken hymen, and thus, proof that a person had not had sex before.

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